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Jeremy's Journal

Move to Charlotte

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体   As most of you know, I recently moved to Charlotte. I figured I would use this blog post to talk about the transition and how funny it has been. When I first landed in Charlotte, my first stop with my trainer and sister-in-law...

JLIN Asia Tour 2015 Recap

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Whatsup everybody...a lot has happened since I last blogged! First off, I’m SUPER excited about the opportunity in Charlotte. My free agency goal was to find a team that played my style and a coach that was a fan of my game. I f...

Off-season Training

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 I'm back on the blog! It's been awhile, and I've had time to unwind, go on vacation, and get my mind off everything. Immediately after the season, I went to San Diego with some friends, which was an awesome time to get on the wa...

All-Star Break

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!Growing up, I always loved Chinese New Year because it meant family time and red envelopes!! Red envelopes were so awesome because I had no allowance and no income. Since I never got allowance...