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Move to Charlotte

Posted by JLin


As most of you know, I recently moved to Charlotte. I figured I would use this blog post to talk about the transition and how funny it has been.

When I first landed in Charlotte, my first stop with my trainer and sister-in-law was Chick-Fil-A. It was only fitting that my first meal in the South was a fried chicken sandwich with sweet tea. The food was bomb.com

As I started to settle in, I'm sure that you have heard about my struggles getting into the arena. The security lady was giving me a hard time so I tweeted it out and it picked up way more publicity than I anticipated. The media did exaggerate it a little bit. The conversation went something like this:

Her: Hi how can i help you?

Me: Hi im trying to get into the tunnel. 

Her: It's only for players. 

My Friend: He plays on the team. 

Her [scans car]: Who??

Me: I do. 

Her: What team?!?

Me: Uhh, Charlotte Hornets. 

Her: Players can't park here today (there was a conference). Park across the street. 

I'm not sure if she believed me but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt! Funny thing is I have experienced this multiple times in New York, Houston, and LA. 

Other funny stories of my transition include my couch hunt. My movers are arriving 10 days late with my bed and other stuff so I went to buy a couch that I could crash on in my apartment since I need to buy a couch anyways. We drove 30 min and I kid you not the house right next to where I bought my couch had like 4 huge fields of crops. Coming from the Silicon Valley this was pretty different. And people have such thick accents. I remember talking to a guy and I asked him to repeat the question multiple times because I literally couldn't understand what he was saying. 

I threw the couch into a Uhaul and as I was trying to move it into my spot, I got the Uhaul stuck in the garage #notsosmart #harvardgrad. Yea...not one of my finer moments. Ended up letting air out of my tire and got out okay hahaha. 

Last story was for the first few nights I was in a hotel. So i went downstairs to the lobby to have someone take a look at my computer to figure out the hotel internet. There was a party in the hotel so I ended up getting recognized and taking a few photos with my hair looking super disheveled (picture below), wearing pajamas, and holding my huge laptop in my hand. Sometimes when my hair isn't gelled, people will look at my hair and start laughing mid-sentence lolll. Pretty awesome.

Im not cutting my hair though. Me and six others (including my bro, cousin, trainer, agent, etc.) have agreed to eventually have the same hairstyle. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading! Will post again after training camp starts!!