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HIRING: 中国社交媒体经理 (China Social Media Manager Position)

Posted by JLin

中国社交媒体经理  作为林书豪(Jeremy Lin)的社交媒体经理,您将负责增加林书豪在中国的社交平台,包括微信,微博和抖音,以及团队决定使用的任何其他平台上的粉丝群体。除了保持正常发布时间表外,您还将定期创建特定于平台的原始内容,其中包含照片,视频和中文文案。您还将与美国社交媒体总监和其他合作伙伴合作,在保持林书豪风格的同时协调和编辑符合中国所有平台的内容。您将为林书豪和团队提供全面的中国社交媒体策略,以实现您和公司一起确定的集体目标。 作为社交媒体经理,您将指...

HIRING -- Global Social Media Director (Bilingual)

Posted by JLin

Global Social Media Director Job Description JLIN Marketing LLC is the team that oversees Jeremy Lin’s off-the-court vision and strategy. We seek to embody the values and story that Jeremy represents to positively impact culture in the ...

The Darkness Has Not Overcome It

Posted by JLin

I know there are people out there who want this to be about country vs. country. East vs. West. They want this to be about politics. Left vs. right. But this isn’t about that. To me, it’s simple. This moment we’re living through is abou...