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Off-season Training

Posted by JLin

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I'm back on the blog! It's been awhile, and I've had time to unwind, go on vacation, and get my mind off everything. Immediately after the season, I went to San Diego with some friends, which was an awesome time to get on the water and fish. We caught lots of different fish, but the coolest looking one was the Red Rock Fish (in the picture below). Of everyone on the boat, I caught the least. Must have been the fishing pole...hahaha.

I took 3.5 weeks off before I started my offseason training regimen. As we progress, I'll keep you guys updated on the different techniques and goals we have for this off-season. In the meantime, I wanted to take this time to just say a sincere thank you to everyone who supported me and the Lakers this season. It wasn't an easy season for the players, coaches or fans, but you guys always stick by my side and I won't ever forget that!

As for me mentally, I felt pretty burnt out coming out of this past season. I felt like I gave great effort to play well, play the right way, and maintain the right perspective despite seeing very little fruit. So when the season first ended I felt very...lazy. I know it's natural to feel worn out after a long year, but I was surprised by how drained I felt and how little excitement I felt to start my off-season training.

Being a "celebrity" or "athlete" means that we are often put on a pedestal by society. An inevitable by-product is that people sometimes forget we go through the same emotions as any other human. What everyone sees is the camera, the lights, the fame, and the games, but the behind-the-scenes emotions are often not captured or highlighted.

I guess I'm saying all of that to say...even though many of you may look up to me as a "role model" or a "story of perseverance," I'm no different than you guys. I get discouraged, I get worn down, I get burnt out. I have doubts, thoughts of giving up, and of not being good enough. But the beautiful part is that God comes through in His unique and perfect way every time! 

After 3 weeks, the itch returned. I started to really miss basketball and couldn't wait to start training again. I'm really thankful to have started training again. As I begin my off-season I will focus on God's faithfulness, His perfect plan, and His unfailing love. Life isn't about maintaining your highs and eliminating your lows (because obstacles will inevitably come). Life is about cherishing your relationship with Christ and loving others through the highs and lows of life. I may not know where I'm going next, but I trust Who I’m following!!


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