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Jeremy's Journal

My Teammates

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Yooo,   Playoffs are right around the corner and a lot of people, including you guys, have noticed we have a really special team here. Having had a wide range of experiences playing basketball my whole life, I've always believe...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Since my last post, a LOT has happened! We played 17 games in 31 days in 13 cities...sheeeeesh!! This stretch was easily the toughest of the season, but we fought through it and ended the month pretty well. Our team can't seem to...

A Reflection

Posted by JLin

As someone who was raised in the Bay Area, I've always taken great pride in being from Palo Alto - the greatest city in the world, as far as I’m concerned. Like many others, I read "The Silicon Valley Suicides" in this month’s Atlantic ...

Start of the Charlotte Season

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Sup everybody! Glad we got the first win of the season and my first win as a Hornet against Chicago!! We played a consistent game through all four quarters and started with getting stops which transferred to unselfish offense. Th...