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JLIN Asia Tour 2015 Recap

Posted by JLin

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Whatsup everybody...a lot has happened since I last blogged! First off, I’m SUPER excited about the opportunity in Charlotte. My free agency goal was to find a team that played my style and a coach that was a fan of my game. I feel Charlotte fulfills both of those criteria and I can’t wait to get started!

I also got to spend much of June in Asia (Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). Every year, the Asia trip means SO much to me because I get to interact and see the fans who watch my games from across the world, rock my jerseys, and send me all types of encouragement!! When I go to Asia I am blown away by the enthusiasm, the sincerity, and the love you guys always give me, so I would like to dedicate this blog entry to all the fans who made my Asia trip so special!

Because we have a ton of cool photos, this entry will be more of a scrapbook-esque entry, with mostly pictures and short captions from me.

First, I enjoyed all the adidas events that I was able to participate in. And the Crazylight Boosts are sweeeeeet!

I know I didn’t dunk in any games last year, so I had to remind you guys I can still jump a little bit haha

I love that my fans are crazy enough that they need stationed cops!

I also got to do my first Tag Heuer Event ever, where I unveiled my personalized watch!

Check out my watch! Only 200 being made so its super exclusive.

Every Asia trip I block out time to visit different non-profits. My hope is to grow in my understanding of the needs in Asia and also to spread God’s love to these amazing, yet marginalized children.

Teaching these kids at Included Center about snake tag...my team was one of the first to lose lol

These kids at Beijing Xuanwu Peizhi School had the purest and most innocent hearts. By the end of the event, I was impacted by them more than they were impacted by me.

Thanks to the kids at House of Dreams for praying for me!

I also got the special opportunity to share my testimony (reflections on last season) at Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and National Taiwan University to over 5000 students.

Those balloons were literally almost my height…

Every year I also host a basketball camp...thanks Cathay United Bank for making it happen! Hugeee shoutout to all the fans who came to watch the camp too.

Going in for the reverse dunk in front of the fans...except I missed the dunk haha

Our All-star game opponents were very talented and upcoming Taiwan point guards. The one in this picture is Jeff Wu. Everyone be sure to support him as he enters his freshman year at Sacramento State.

Had fun working out with some of the best young up-and-coming point guards while in Taiwan!

Fans making me feel so loved everytime I showed up to my Cathay Bank basketball camp.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was filming a fun show with a bunch of other Asian celebrities. I can’t share too much...you guys are just going to have to watch it when it airs!

You know I had to keep my selfie game sharp too!

Chillin with my friends from Xiamen

Selfie in Taiwan

One of the coolest parts of every Asia trip is the energy the fans bring whenever I land in any city!! I’m humbled to have your guys’ support!

Shoutout to ALL the fans who waited for me at every airport stop. Special thank you to the fans who waited until 4am in ChengDu after the plane delay!!

Hanging out with some dedicated fans at XiaMen airport.

Taiwan airport reception’s always a packed house!!

Lastly, here are some of my favorite, random photos from the trip!

I guess only me and my little bro got the memo to make goofy faces.

One of the highlights of the trip was karaoke with JJ Lin...man, can he sing…

Our driver has so much swag!! #threestripes

Thanks Wang LeeHom for coming out to the night market to hang out and play games!

Best looking chocolate cake ever!

My view from my Ritz Carlton hotel room on the 116th floor!!

Chillin on a Duk Ling boat in Hong Kong!

Hope you guys enjoyed the Asia Trip Recap!! And leave me alone about my hair hahaha!