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Jeremy's Journal

Another Injury Update

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 By now the news has been released that I’ve retweaked my hamstring a third time. Although this is the least severe of the three, this third injury has been a hard one to deal with mentally. There’s something so draining about th...

Injury Update

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Whatup all my faithful blog readers!!Man... it's been an interesting time since the last time I blogged. Obviously the most relevant topic is the hamstring, so I'm going to devote this entry to the injury. When it first happened...


Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Hello hello,   Since my last post, a lot has happened. For the last 6 weeks, my typical day looks like this: breakfast, practice from morning to afternoon, lunch, house stuff in the afternoon (i.e. unboxing my charlotte stuff, ...

Off-season Training

Posted by JLin

繁體 | 简体 Yooo, It's been a little bit since my last blog post, but for this entry I wanted to focus a little on my summer training, since that's what has occupied the majority of my time since I signed with the Brooklyn Nets (s/o to all...