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Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted by JLin

Since my last post, a LOT has happened! We played 17 games in 31 days in 13 cities...sheeeeesh!! This stretch was easily the toughest of the season, but we fought through it and ended the month pretty well. Our team can't seem to catch a break with injuries, as people seem to be dropping left and right, but I know that the upcoming All-Star break will be huge for our team to rest and get healthy. Having said that, it's been a pleasure to welcome back MKG to the lineup...his energy, defense and leadership has provided us with a much-needed spark!

As you guys know, Chinese New Year is here, which brings back some memories. As a kid, I used to loveee Chinese New Year because of the red envelopes with money. It also meant an awesome potluck and family time! This year, we have a game on Chinese New Year, and my family won't be in town so it definitely won't have the same feel unfortunately. It's also the year of the monkey, which happens to be the zodiac year of my mom and little brother (dragons are obviously the best, duh). 

Speaking of my little brother, he made the All-Star team as a rookie in the professional basketball league in Taiwan!! Although it's been fun to keep up with his season, I definitely miss seeing him and my mom, who are temporarily living in Taiwan for the season. It's been surreal watching Joe (aka JoeLinsta/WeiWei/BabyLin/Jodor) grow up. He's a professional basketball player, sponsored by Adidas and has some awesome hair. Speaking of hair, I swear my hair is barely growing anymore. This process of growing it out has been soooo tedious. I don't know how much longer my mohawk will be able to stand up. 

As for All-Star break, I can't wait to go home. Mister Jonas made me really miss California haha. I remember landing after a road trip, and my entire car was caked in snow. On top of that, I had no ice shovel thing so I had to borrow one. It was my first experience driving in snow (I never had a car in college so I never dealt with these issues before). Lastly, I finally found some moto and ripped jeans that fit me. For those of you who don't know, I have thunder thighs, which makes it impossible to fit into most skinny jeans and joggers, but after 2 years, I finally found some jeans that I can actually fit. You don't understand how happy this made me lol.