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Start of the Charlotte Season

Posted by JLin

Sup everybody!

Glad we got the first win of the season and my first win as a Hornet against Chicago!! We played a consistent game through all four quarters and started with getting stops which transferred to unselfish offense. That has to be our recipe to win games this year!

Needless to say our first three games of the season were disappointing, but everybody on our team still believes we have a chance to be a really good team. The good thing about a long season is that things can turn around quickly and we just have to keep working hard, focus on improving everyday, and stick with the process. Personally, I want to try not to get too high or too low this season. One verse that I put up in my apartment as a wall decal to remind me of this is Psalm 46:10 (Be still and know that I am God).

As for the preseason, it was such a valuable experience for me and the team in general. Anytime I join a new team (which seems to be every year haha), some of the most important things that I try to facilitate is team chemistry. I've always been a firm believer that the team filled with players who legitimately like each other, root for each other, and trust each other will have a higher chance of winning. Not only do you have a better chance to succeed, but strong team chemistry also makes the season that much more enjoyable. Many of my lifelong friendships have come from the game of basketball and so this preseason I really wanted to get to know my teammates.

When I heard we were going to China for the NBA Global Games, my initial reaction was one of uncertainty. I thought it would be amazing to play in front of the fans in China, but it was going to be my 3rd time in 5 months that I would be going to China. In hindsight, the China trip was the best thing for me as it allowed me and my teammates to really connect off the court! In fact, pretty much everything I hoped would happen actually happened.

1. Our team was able to really bond and develop that friendship off the court just from spending an extended period of time together. One of the things that my teammates really enjoyed doing was shopping. We probably went shopping like 4-5 times. We bought everything from bobbleheads to suits to air gliders. They had a blast and loved Chinese culture.

2. We were able to get a couple of wins and put on a show for the China fans who are very, very deserving of it since they are the ones who watch our games early in the morning during the regular season.

3. I was able to see some family and friends while out there.

Besides basketball, I've recently gotten back into cooking and I also started taking drawing lessons. Since I was young, I always appreciated art but never gave a great effort to try to hone my skills, so I figured I would be more serious about drawing this year. 

My teacher has me starting with faces first, which is one of the most difficult things to learn.

Overall, it's been a smooth transition into my time at Charlotte and I've enjoyed my time playing for this organization. Hopefully you guys keep following and supporting us through the season!!