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Off-season Training

Posted by JLin

It's been a little bit since my last blog post, but for this entry I wanted to focus a little on my summer training, since that's what has occupied the majority of my time since I signed with the Brooklyn Nets (s/o to all the Nets fans...past and present). The off-season is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Since I was young, I've always loved challenges and I always give myself different goals during the off-season to work on. There's a unique and exciting type of fulfillment or enjoyment that I get from just getting in the gym and working with no one else there but my brother and trainer. It's the process of setting goals, working hard, going through the daily grind and hopefully seeing the results at the end of the process.
So this summer, my number 1 priority by far is my jump shot. Working on all types of jump shots: catch-and-shoot 3's, off-the-dribble 3's, mid-range jumpers, iso jumpers. I've always had a knack for attacking the rim, finishing or getting to the free throw line, but if I am able to really consistently hit shots from the outside, it would take my game to a whole new level. I've changed my form, brought my release lower and made the motion smoother in hopes of making it more consistent, creating a quicker release and using less energy so on nights when I'm tired I can still shoot it well. I've also been working on my floaters and change of pace game because as I get older, I will rely less and less on my athleticism.
My typical training schedule consists of lifting, shooting workouts, skills workouts and scrimmaging. I typically start slow with basic movements and slowly build from there: nail down the technique, work on it at a slow pace, work on it at a fast pace, add a defender and then try to implement it into real-game situations. I have a team of people (trainer, strength coach and shooting coach) who meet with me to break down/analyze all my performance and advanced stats from last year to compile a comprehensive program specifically for my game.
And of course, we watch film on the offense the Brooklyn Nets will use and incorporate that into the workouts, as well as defensive drills to continue trying to improve on that side of the ball. I could go on and on about training, but don't want to bore everyone so I'll end the post here. Thanks for reading!!