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Posted by JLin

Hello hello,


Since my last post, a lot has happened. For the last 6 weeks, my typical day looks like this: breakfast, practice from morning to afternoon, lunch, house stuff in the afternoon (i.e. unboxing my charlotte stuff, cleaning, trips to IKEA and costco, etc), dinner with friends, emails or dota lol. It's been super busy recently but I'd be lying if I said the last few weeks haven't been a blast. I've seen so many close friends and I've had a chance to really invest lots of time into making my home feel like home. Typically, I'm pretty private about my home, but I'll show a couple pics.
Things with the team have been really fun. We're definitely a young and inexperienced team, but I think Coach Kenny has done an amazing job setting a foundation for who we want to be as a team. If I could come up with an identity for us as a team to strive for, it would be that we are a team that consistently plays harder than the other team. That has to be our first step and where we really hang our hat. My teammates have been really fun to be around. Brook is unsuspectingly hilarious (and a ginormous individual), Rondae is non-stop goofiness, Randy/Grievis have been important vocal leaders, Sean has a tremendous desire to be great and much more that I will get into as the season goes along. 
Speaking of Brooklyn, a couple things have really been getting my mind thinking. First, I really want to be involved in this community. As I research more about the community, I'm seeing gentrification as a big issue for Brooklyn residents, so I am hoping to be able to find a couple organizations that help underprivileged children to partner my Foundation with. And another thing I've spent some time thinking about is the social justice issue. We know there has been a lot of tension between cops and minorities, so my teammates and I have been discussing how we can be active participants (not just critics or bystanders) in helping the US progress socially. To me, the long-term goal is more equality, but the short-term goal should be sympathy and compassion. 
Can't wait to get this season going!! We've been training and practicing for awhile so everyone's itching to play real games!
Thanks for reading!