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Jeremy Lin on Positive Role Models: A Big Part of Why I'm in NBA Today

Posted by JLin

Luke Leung
Gospel Herald Reporter
Wed, May, 29 2013 02:41 AM PT 

How many Chinese-American plays in the NBA? Just Jeremy Lin. What’s the secret to his success? Positive role models, says Lin.

The Houston Rockets point guard Lin explained the reason for his charity work in an interview with CSN Houston. He said how people are raised affects who they become and their character. 

“For me, I know for a fact if I didn’t have certain people in my life telling me what to do, what not to do, if I didn’t have positive role models in my life, who knows where I’d be or what I’d be?” said the 24-year-old Houston Rockets point guard. “It’s a big part of why I’m able to be in the NBA today. It’s because of people that are around me.” 

Seeing the needs for role model in this society, Lin founded his charity foundation, the Jeremy Lin Foundation, during his first season in Houston. At a kick-off party during the NBA All-Star weekend, his foundation generated more than $150,000 in funds. Workshop Houston, Yellowstone Academy, and PAIR were chosen in aid from the Foundation. 

Lin shared his desire to be a positive role model. “I want to hopefully be able to do that and serve and love these kids and to be able to just share God’s love with them and I think if the Foundation, if we can make a little bit of change in a couple of kids’ lives, I think it’ll be well worth it.” 

As a positive role model in giving back in the society, Lin is able to show his influence because of his performance on the court, especially his leadership when he led the New York Knicks from a series of losses to a winning streak earlier last year. 

Lin shared in an interview with Taiwan-based Good TV that during the NBA draft pick he was very disappointed when no teams picked him. However, Dallas Mavericks Head Coach Donnie Nelson, who is a strong Christian, called to invite him to play for the summer league team. Lin recalled what Nelson said, “Just remember that God has a perfect plan for you. This can be just another stumbling block or barrier that you have to overcome. God is sovereign.”

With the support of his family and the church family, Lin has learned to stay focused on the Bible’s message of how God takes bad and tough situations to teach us and draw us closer to Him, he told Good TV. 

Moreover, Lin said after he was drafted to play for Golden State Warriors, many second-guessed his decision to play in NBA. “I just had so many voices telling me what I was supposed to do. But my family and agent were Christians. We tried to immerse ourselves in the Word and tried to read the scripture and draw out what God wanted us to learn. And that’s what I really tried to focus on.” 

While Lin’s performances in the playoffs were below his expectations coupled with a chest injury, Lin has expressed his goals to improve his overall game during the offseason. He will be working on getting healthy, becoming a better all-around shooter, and becoming a better defender.

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