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Thoughts on Preseason

Posted by JLin

Whatsup everybody!!

I'm going to start blogging periodically to fill you guys in from my perspective on what's going on during my life and the season. Hope you guys enjoy it!

This year's training camp was, by far, my hardest one yet. The first drill we did was called the "easy run." It definitely involved hella running but was far from easy. We had to run from baseline to baseline with our hands by our head, then defensive slide to the sideline, backpedal with our hands back to the baseline, defensive slide to the middle and repeat...except we had to do it for 15 minutes straight! That was just one of many very difficult defensive/conditioning drills, but it's all worth it because Coach Scott is building a culture of toughness and defense. Defense has always been the cornerstone of every great NBA team and we are fortunate that we have a coach who believes in that formula for winning, which is why our team has been working hard knowing that it is ultimately for our benefit.

Now that preseason is over, we are starting to ramp up and get ready for the regular season!! This time of year is exciting because you get a chance to establish a foundation and an identity for who you want to be as a team this upcoming season. Kobe has been a strong voice for our team, as he has been pushing everyone to give more defensively. Alongside being one of the most talented players to ever play the game, he is an extremely talented trash talker as well haha. The toughest part about the preseason was watching Steve Nash struggle with his back. He is a future Hall of Famer and put in a lot of work to try and be healthy this season, so it sucks to hear the news on his injury.

Besides basketball, I have spent most of my time unpacking boxes and decorating my new apartment. Interior design, especially design using a modern style, is something I have always enjoyed, so decorating my apartment is always a fun time for me. Believe it or not, I've also been really getting into cooking. My two favorite things to cook right now are baked chicken with a balsamic, jalapeno, garlic and green onion sauce, and a medium rare rib-eye steak with flaky sea salt sprinkled on top. I'm awful at cooking veggies though, which makes sense because I don't like eating veggies lol.

I'm excited about living in LA as well! Since I was young, I've always loved when I look outside and it's blue skies and sunny. I always get a certain energy from good weather and being back in California has refreshed me! I envision many bike rides along the beach on my off-days this season. I also love the fact that I'm so close to the majority of my family and friends now. I do miss my little brother, as he's finishing up his senior year in New York, but my older brother and sister-in-law live near me in LA.

From a spiritual standpoint, God has been teaching me and challenging me to rest in His love and grace everyday. I have always been a "go-getter" type of guy who is focused on the next day, the next task or the next goal. God has been reminding me to stop and enjoy the relationship I have with him daily. In doing so, I will live life with more peace, joy and purpose! 

Also a verse that I think God has put on my heart for this season is Ephesians 3:20 -- Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than we all ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday for our season opener!!


The journey I've been on has had its ups and downs and I appreciate all of your support throughout. Some of you have asked how to pray for me so I decided to start a prayer group where I can send out requests for those that want to pray and support!! Please feel free to share with others you think would be interested. So much of what happens is out of our control, but prayer has been a place I have consistently found peace with God. Thanks for being such supportive fans!