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Jeremy Lin Had Rockets Teammates Shave the Adidas Logo On His Head

Posted by JLin


Jeremy Lin’s contract with Nike expired recently, and when Adidas offered Lin a contract, Nike chose not to match—eerily reminiscent of the Knicks choosing not to match the Rockets’ contract for Lin a year and half ago. So now Lin is an Adidas man.

To celebrate—and to perhaps show his new sponsors some marketing love—Lin had Rockets teammates Dwight Howard, Patrick Beverley, and Omri Casspi—all under Adidas themselves—shave three stripes into the side of his head. The result was the touching, heartfelt video above.

It’s interesting that Nike chose not to match Lin’s offer. Though Lin is not the sensation he was during the Linsanity heyday, he has proven to be a solid NBA player (he’s averaging 14 points, 4 assists, and a very respectable 47% shooting percentage), and he’s clearly a big draw in Asia, a region of emphasis for Nike. According to Bloomberg, the new Adidas contract (Lin didn’t disclose the value), will include public appearances in Asia in the offseason, which is pretty much the norm for all basketball sneaker deals these days.

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