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All-Star Break and the Road Trip

Posted by JLin

Whatsup everybody!!

Since my last blog post, a lot has happened. The most interesting thing was All-Star Break because we were able to have a family reunion in Connecticut. You may be asking, why would he choose to go to Connecticut in the middle of a blizzard? Great question hahah. Because we wanted to see BabyLin play his last two regular season basketball games for Hamilton College.

Because my NBA season and Joseph's college season always overlap, I never get a chance to see him play live. The last time I saw him play was when I was still with the Knicks, which seems like foreverrrr ago. Anyways, we stayed in this random, wooden house in Connecticut, hung out with the family, watched Joseph play basketball and rested from the normal grind of the NBA season.


Aside from watching Joe hoop, some of my favorite moments from the weekend were snowball fights with the family, listening to the Frozen soundtrack at 6 am with my nieces and wearing my awesome sweatshirt with an astronaut surfing on a wave lolll.

The best part about this past month is that we have been winning! We had a 5-game road trip out West, which allowed me to see my family/friends and to escape the cold weather. Although I haven't been playing as well as I hoped to, I know it's a long season of ups-and-downs.  There are few things more discouraging than going through slumps, but after being in the league for four years, I understand that they are inevitable and that I just need to stay focused and keep giving it my all.  One thing I have been learning to focus on during basketball slumps is to depend more on God and try to love Him more. It helps me keep basketball and life in the proper perspective, and gives me the strength to persevere when I am mentally or physically weary.  We can't always perform as well as we want to, but we can control how we respond and who we turn to when things get rough.

One verse that has spoken loud to me is Joshua 1:9 -- "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go".

Until next time,